Security Services

security services

Safeguarding people and other valuable assets is a constant security challenge for any organization. In order to maintain business continuity, an organization must be ready to mitigate risk and protect their employees and property at all times. Comprehensive and intelligent security is the key to survival and demands the expertise and experience of a trusted security provider.

Facility security
APS takes the time to understand your security environment and work closely with you to develop a program that fits your needs.

Planning or Pre-emptive Security
Our security services are supplemented with a comprehensive on-site analysis of your facilities' current physical security conditions, including an evaluation of security staff, badging, procedures, communications capabilities, emergency action plans, command centers and training programs. We will provide you with final reports documenting the efficiency of security measure and recommend cost-effective solutions for mitigating and eliminating risks.

Threat assessments
Protecting personnel, property, and other valuable assets is essential to the operational success of any organization. Finding the strengths and weaknesses of security processes before a crisis occurs can improve business continuity, and ultimately, save lives. From critical infrastructure and industrial plants to corporate facilities and private residences, APS delivers cost-effective security assessment and planning services to public and private enterprises. Our highly trained security specialists are experienced in developing and implementing field-tested procedures for assessing and reducing risk.

By taking a layered approach to security, we analyze current security conditions at residential and commercial facilities, identify physical and operational vulnerabilities, and develop customized contingency plans.

Security threats come in a variety of forms and are no longer confined to high-risk environments. As a result, training has become a top priority for organizations. High-quality security training programs are essential to mitigating risk and protecting an organization's most valuable assets — its people. The readiness and ability of an organization to assess a perceived threat and respond appropriately depends on the quality of its training.

APS specializes in developing and executing comprehensive training programs for corporate and private clients. We offer quality services that provide you with a tailored program geared to your specific needs.

Event Security
We are equipped to professionally manage both large and small scale corporate events, demonstrations, conferences, celebrity events, fundraisers and more. Whether it’s a large or small venue, our highly skilled security professionals understand that maintaining the safety and security of the group is top priority.